Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is an option available as part or all of any program at BAEC. At times, if requested, we may recommend individual work if we feel that will be the most effective means of assisting you. One to one sessions are fifty minutes to one hour in duration and are completely private. They are scheduled together with your counselor depending on schedules and availability. Our therapists have a wide range of expertise and experience and we will match you with someone who is both capable and fits your preferences.

Group Education & Therapy

Groups at BAEC usually meet once per week, are two hours in duration, and limited to a maximum of 12 persons per session in order to attend to each person's needs. They are conducted only by professional counselors and may have a variety of focus, depending on your type of problem or judicial requirements. We have many specialized groups, including; co-ed, men's; women's; young people's; as well as groups for specialized types of problems; i.e. Impaired/Driver; Minor in Possession; Marijuana & Other Drugs; Non-DUI Substance Abuse; Anger Management, etc. You will be scheduled with an appropriate group at intake. It is important that you attend regularly to receive the most benefit from your group as getting to know and developing relationships with other members is an important part of the group process. If, due to scheduling or other concerns, your group does not work out for you, it may be changed. Some of our groups are co-facilitated by our interns in training.

Currently we offer five level II education groups and one MIP group during the days and evenings (Mondays - Thursdays). Additionally we have ten level II therapy groups in the days and evenings (Monday - Thursdays). We also have two domestic violence groups offered in the evening.

Couples & Family Counseling

These sessions are similar to one on one counseling, arranged by appointment. We encourage BAEC participants to involve family members in their program to work on relationship and family issues. Substance abuse issues affect family and friends and it is important that significant others receive education and counseling about the user's problem and how to be most helpful in producing a positive outcome of treatment. Therapy is also available to spouses, children & others concerned about one's drinking or drug use to help determine the extent of the problem and choices available to the family. Roles, dynamics and system aspects in these relationships are also explored. The well-being, not only of the client, but of the family, spouse or children is important and becomes a focus and goal of counseling.