Drinking/Driving, DUI/DWAI

We offer Level I and Level II Education plus all Tracks of Level II Therapy, as mandated by the Courts. BAEC is licensed by The State specifically to conduct these programs. In addition, Enhanced and MOD Alternative Programs are available, as well as out of state programs consistent with the parameters of those states.

In accordance with our State license regulations, BAEC uses The Change Companies, Impaired Driver curricula for all court required treatment programs. While the client is still the focus of treatment, curriculum information and exercises may be helpful. Workbooks are sold at cost to clients: Education Programs, $10., Level II Therapy, set of five booklets, $15.

Level I Education:
Level I is often required for first time offenders with low blood alcohol levels or for Minor in Possession clients. It consists of an intake, book, plus three sessions. We offer Level I about once every other month. Cost: $240 which includes; intake, workbook, the three sessions, total hours 12.

For the Fall / Winter 2017 Level I dates please contact us 303.444.6142


You must be registered before the first session. You must attend all 3 sessions for the program to be completed.

Level II Education:
Intake plus twelve weekly 2 hour group sessions. This is an in-depth, thorough interactive program which involves presentation of materials and group discussion about how the information relates to their personal situation. There are some workbook assignments. Total hours, 24. Total cost, Intake $60. + workbook, $10. + $35 for each group session. Total cost, $490.Clients may pay as they go and are expected to attend regularly. If program is not completed for any reason, clients pay only for the services they have used. Both Level II Education and Therapy are “open” classes, so clients may begin at any time.

Level II Therapy:
Tracks A, B, C, or D may be required by Probation by the Court when it is felt that a significant problem exists. Multiple offenders and those with high blood alcohol levels most often need Level II Therapy. Usually they are done after Level II Education. Clients may pay as they go and are expected to attend regularly. Probation is notified of attendance. If clients miss more than three groups, a report is sent to probation. If they miss more than four, according to State Regulations, they must be discharged. They may be re-admitted with probation's consent. $35 for each group.

Track A: 42 hours done over 21 weekly 2 hour groups.
Track B: 52 hours, 26 sessions
Track C: 68 hours, 34 sessions
Track D: 86 hours, 43 sessions

Enhanced Programs entail two sessions per week, often one group and a 1-1 session. MOD Alternative programs involve one group, one individual session and an outside self-help group, i.e. AA, NA, etc.

Minor In Possession
Currently, Minor in Possession (MIP) client's programs have similar parameters as DUI/DWAI Programs. They may be adjusted to comply with the Court's or other authority's requirements. BAEC has a special MIP Program which is separate from other offender programs and is run by a specialist with a combination of group, individual and family sessions which are flexible. BAEC works closely with the University of Colorado Judicial Affairs Office and Student Conduct Office to tailor programs especially for the CU community. The MIP programs and services are, of course, open to voluntary students and young people and offer a thorough education, personal processing of the information and opportunity for self-assessment and evaluation. Ages range from 14 to 20.

We carefully assess all young people to match services to their needs, social and intellectual development levels and emotional development levels. We never embarrass, insult or deride our clients. Treatment is a positive process and all are treated with respect. Firm boundaries and structure to our programs allows clients (young and old) to understand what is expected of them and to clearly feel and measure their progress and the accomplishment of being successful.