BAEC is known for our clear, fair, thorough and reasonably priced evaluations. These are conducted by experienced, licensed and certified therapists or psychologists who are unbiased and experienced in discerning difficult issues and situations. As part of an evaluation process, we are especially interested in hearing client's version of events and feelings about their own needs. Evaluations provide a professional opinion which will benefit the client by helping them to clarify and understand their difficulties and begin to make a plan for change.

Brief Assessments

These are usually one to one and a half hour sessions intended to determine if a problem exists which should be further explored. A short, usually one page report, with recommendations is included.

Substance Use Evaluations

These involve a thorough exploration of the client's presenting mental health features, family background, contextual factors, use of all substances, including prescription medications with conclusions, diagnoses, if necessary and recommendations for treatment, if indicated. Through a structured interview, sometimes using objective instruments the they take two to three hours or more over one long session or several shorter ones. They include collateral, corroborative contacts as necessary and a full and complete report is generated. These are our most popular, (and our best) evaluations and are accepted by The Courts and Probation when submitted. They are also available to concerned parents, spouses and family members.

Mental Health Evaluations

Typically, these evaluations are for more complex and dual diagnostic or co-occurring issues. Cognitive, psychological and emotional aspects related to destructive or offending behaviors, such as anger control, are thoroughly explored. This evaluation always includes a substance use component. They may be conducted over a sequence of sessions with extensive collateral contacts. They are suitable for custody/visitation cases, domestic violence situations, serious criminal cases, etc. DSM V Diagnoses may be generated for clarification and insurance purposes. A full report is included with conclusions and recommendations.

BAEC will back up our evaluation findings with testimony in court if necessary and discuss our conclusions fully, with all concerned parties. Evaluations are completely confidential and written Releases of Information are necessary for them to be released to other than the subject individual.

See also Expert Consultation & Testimony.