BAEC -- Drug and Alcohol Testing


BAEC Testing Center

Phone: 303-444-6143  Fax: 303-444-4375

Color Line Hours 4am-7pm  303-444-1087  





New Hours: Monday - Friday   11am - 7pm

UAs administered until 6:45pm



Your Probation Officer/Case Manager may assign a frequency of testing to you. We assign a color to each frequency. Once you find out your color upon registration, you must call the color line every morning at 303-444-1087 to listen for your color.  If your color is called, you must come in that day for testing. All Failure-to-Appears (FTAs) will be reported to your Probation Officer/Case Manager and you may be considered non-compliant.

Fees: Cash or Check Only.  Fees must be paid prior to any test being administered.


One-Time Registration Fee: $15.00
(Discharged clients that re-enter the program will be assessed a re-registration fee of $10.00 if closed more than 60 days.)

Registration Fees go toward ensuring client confidentiality and that all documents are properly delivered to Probation Officer/Case Manager and Attorneys in a timely fashion.

Urinalysis (UAs) Price per Test

1 Panel $10.00       9Panel w/ETG  $35.00       9Panel w/Buprenorphine $35.00
2-6 Panel $20.00       9Panel w/OXY $30.00       9Panel w/MDMA  $30.00
9 Panel $20.00       ETG $25.00      

Call for Sentry Test prices

6 Panel Saliva Drug Screen - $30

Specialty Testing - NAIL & HAIR  - Call for prices  - 303-444-6143

For additional drug testing information or questions please call 303-444-6143.

Confirmation Tests:
$35.00 per drug
  Saliva $50.00 per drug

Breathalyzers (BAs) Price per test:
Individual Tests $3.00   Walk-Ins $5.00   Tubes $1.00
(Daily BA clients may pay $60 for 1 month of testing. $60 must be paid in advance. However once you are reduced back to non-daily testing price will revert back to $3 per test.)

Note: All Voluntary testing will be $5 more than listed test price.  All payments are due at time of service unless arrangements have been made. Referring agency agreements are on a case-by-case basis. Payment by referring agencies must be confirmed in writing prior to testing. Returned checks will require cash for the amount plus the bank charge and you will then be "cash only" for services. Your referring agent will be advised and this could place your probation in jeopardy. Unpaid returned checks will be sent to collection and the writer will be responsible for all charges.

Testing Note: Be prepared to test. You may not leave the floor until after testing if you have signed your UA paperwork.

BAEC Drug and Alcohol Testing Center

Phone: 303-444-6143  Fax: 303-444-4375