Treatment for Young People/MIPs





Welcome to BAEC’s ‘MIP School.’ We hope this will be a rewarding and useful learning experience for you. You have been referred here because there is evidence that you may have a problem with drinking or other drug use.


The goals of this course are:


To help you gain a realistic and scientifically consistent understanding and recognition of alcohol and drug problems.


To help you meaningfully evaluate your drinking and drug use, its attractions, benefits, intoxication dynamics, effects, risks and consequences.


To help you develop a plan for ongoing assessment of your drinking and drug use and to learn and begin to take steps to change your use so as to absolutely avoid further unwanted problems, consequences and negative effects.


What is the Program: The Program consists of an individual intake followed by 12 weekly small groups, 1.5 hours each, conducted by an experienced, State-Licensed therapist with expertise with young people’s substance abuse.


Some examples of topics that will be addressed and discussed: Social Aspects; Physical & Mental Effects; Your Tolerance and Ability to Control Your Use; Using Alcohol & Drugs (including prescription) to Self-Medicate or Self-Regulate; Friend’s, Peer’s Influence & Relationships; Getting High, Getting Sick, Toxic Living; Legal Issues; Family Situations; Your Motivations for Safe or Dangerous Use; Your Ideas @ Drugs vs. Reality; Understanding Dependence & Recovery.       


Attendance: You must attend an individual registration/intake session where you will be assigned to a group, then participate in 12 one and a half hour, weekly group sessions in sequence. If you miss a session, you must notify us and make it up with another. Probation is notified of all attendance and compliance issues.


Typical Cost: $490 ($60 for individual intake orientation, $10 for curriculum workbook, $35 each. for 12 groups.) Individual sessions are available on request or as required. Prices may vary by arrangement. Incremental payments are OK. Payment must be made in advance or at beginning of sessions.


Testing: In many cases clients are required to undergo abstinence testing. BAEC offers all necessary tests and random schedules on site. Prices vary with different tests. Call our Monitoring and Testing Center for more info 303-444-6143


Getting Started: Please call our main office – 303-444-6142 or email us at